The Executive Council

The Executive Council (EC) is the highest formal instrument of government, through which the government collectively and formally advises the Governor-General.  All Ministers of the Crown are members of EC (whether those Ministers are inside or outside Cabinet).  EC is presided over by the Governor-General, who is not a member of EC.

EC usually meets at 4pm every Monday after Cabinet, if there are items for consideration. At the meetings, Ministers give formal advice to the Governor-General to sign Orders in Council (to make, for example, regulations or appointments). The submission of almost all items for consideration by EC must be authorised by Cabinet.

Additional information:

For further information on EC, see chapter one of the Cabinet Manual

The Governor-General’s website provides information on the role and functions of the Governor-General, and Government House.

If the Governor-General is overseas, then the Administrator of the Government fulfils the Governor-General's functions. 

The Administrator of the Government is the Chief Justice of New Zealand.